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Web address or correspond to Nighthawk Router login. Users can access Nighthawk Wifi6 Router settings via or web address. or or is used to open the web interface also called as management console of the Nighthawk router. From the web console of the router, you can change the settings such as wireless, encryption, password and much more. After changing the settings, save the settings and reboot your router to apply the changes you have made. If you are not able to get the basic home page of the router then there are some tips to troubleshoot this thing.

Nighthawk Router Setup |
Router Setup

Fix issues

Try the troubleshooting tips we are providing here to resolve the issues related to your Nighthawk router.

  • Please ensure that you are using the correct web address that is either or
  • You can also use the IP address or instead of using the default web address.
  • The reason may be your browser. If the cache is stored by your browser then it may cause issue. Clear the cache of the same browser or you can try to access the same using a different browser.
  • Make a wired connection using the Ethernet cable. A wired connection is more stable and reliable than a wireless connection.
  • Make sure you are only connected to the Nighthawk router’s network. If you are connected with any other then it is not possible to access the login page of Nighthawk router.
  • Sometimes ad blockers, antivirus and firewalls cause issue. So, block all of them for some time to gain access to login page through
  • Reboot your router. Turn it off by taking out its power plug from the power outlet. Wait for few minutes and switch it on again.
  • Reset your router by pressing the reset hole with the paper clip for 7 seconds. Release the hole and now again try to access the login page using
  • Make sure the firmware you are using is up to date.

Parental controls

This is an amazing feature in a router. Nighthawk routers also have this feature and it is used to schedule access time for a user. Also, the admin can block certain websites for a particular user. The parental control can be set using the Nighthawk’s App. Set boundaries for your children so that they can study properly or block access for other family members so that they cannot interfere with the main network.

Gigabit Ethernet ports

All the Nighthawk routers have Gigabit Ethernet ports. These ports are faster than ever for transferring data or share files on the same network. Gigabit Ethernet ports are faster than the Ethernet ports. Most of the routers have all these ports at the back. You will find 4 or 5 ports at the back.

Guest Access

A separate network is built for the visitors in your home. This network has a separate name and password and is only available for guests coming to your home. They cannot interfere with the main network. The only right they have is access Wi-Fi. So, it is beneficial for the admin and visitors also. The setup of a guest network is also easy.

Dual-band routers

Dual-band routers have two frequencies. One is 2.4 GHz and another is 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz provides less speed but more coverage and 5 GHz provides more speed but less coverage. 5 GHz is less prone to interference with other devices that is why it is capable of providing more speed.

Nighthawk Genie App

It is a desktop application that shows the dashboard for your Nighthawk router. From here you can remotely monitor, control and access your router. You can see the graphical map of devices connected to your network, can check the speed of your internet, set up a guest network or parental controls and can change the wireless name of your network.

Beamforming Technology

The latest routers have the Beamforming technology. This technology focuses on providing the signal to the direction of the Wi-Fi device rather than transmitting the signal all around. In this way, you will have more Wi-Fi speed on your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Ready Share USB storage

This provides the fast access to external USB devices. Connect USB devices to the USB port on your router and share information with other devices on your network.

Nighthawk Router WiFi6
Nighthawk Router WiFi6

How to log into the Router to access the settings?

To access the web interface of your Nighthawk router, type or in the address bar of a browser. A login prompt opens. Enter the login credentials. The login credentials are username and password. If you have not changed them yet then use the default login credentials. By default, the username is admin and password is password. Click on the login button. The basic home screen of your Nighthawk router displays. From here onwards you can change various settings of your router like can change the admin password, soft reset the router etc. For any trouble related to, we are here to help.

Nighthawk R7000 Dual-Band Router

Nighthawk R7000 is a dual band router providing high speed internet. You will receive a total speed of 1200 Mbps. Your router has a USB 2.0 port for connecting a printer and five Ethernet ports. One port is WAN and others are LAN ports. This router is compatible with Nighthawk genie App. So, a user can easily monitor and manage his home network from a remote location using mobile phone or tablet. Get fast speed for all internet enabled devices.

Package Contents

  • Nighthawk R7000 router
  • An Ethernet cable
  • A power adapter

How to setup Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 router?

  1. Position your antennas: Connect antennas to your router. Make them stand in the upright direction. In this way, they can give best Wifi performance.
  2. Connect your router and modem: Turn off your modem and also remove battery if it has one. Wait for two minutes and then again turn on your modem. Establish connection between router and modem using Ethernet cable.
  3. Now, connect router to a power outlet to supply power. Connect a computer to your router’s network. Open WiFi connection manager and a list of available networks will be shown to you.
  4. Check the network name of your router at the product label and then connect to your network.
  5. Launch an internet browser and installation assistant opens which guides you for setup. If the installation assistant does not display then you can get the setup screen through Type in the URL bar of the browser.
  6. Enter username and password. Use default for the first time setup.
  7. Follow the instruction to finish the setup.

Troubleshooting for various Nighthawk R7000 issues

Issue1: How to open the management console of Nighthawk router?

Solution: Connect your device to the Nighthawk router and open an internet browser. Enter in the address bar and hit enter key.  You can also use default IP address rather than You will see Nighthawk router login window. Enter the username and password.

Issue 2: I am trying to change the username but I cannot find the option?

Solution: The username that you have to enter on login page cannot be changed. Only password can be changed. The username will remain admin for all Nighthawk routers.

Issue3: How to change admin password for Nighthawk router?

Solution: Log into the router by using web address and entering the login credentials on the Nighthawk router login page. Go to maintenance tab and then click on set password. Enter the new password as well as old in the provided fields. Click on apply button.

Issue 4: Can I have to register my Nighthawk Router to make it work?

Solution: No registration is required for working of Nighthawk router. Registration is required for Nighthawk Support. If you do not want to register then contact us for any query.

Issue 5: How many devices can be connected to the network to access the internet?

Solution: You can connect as many devices as you want but with every additional device, the speed decreases.

Issue 6: How to solve the issue of unable to access

Solution: To resolve this issue, reset your Nighthawk router. Locate the reset button, press it for around 7 seconds and then release it. Then try to access again. You will see Nighthawk Router Login page after you get successful access to

If you have any other issues with your Nighthawk R7000, feel free to contact us anytime. We are available 24/7 for your help.

Nighthawk Routers
Nighthawk Routers WiFi6

Reset/WPS button

This button can be used for:

  • Resetting the router: Press the button for more than 10 seconds and then release. You can confirm the reset of the router when you see all the LEDs turns solid green. The reset can solve most of the issues related to the router.
  • Rebooting the router: To reboot the router, press this button for less than 5 seconds.
  • Connecting WPS enabled devices to the router: press the button for 5 to 10 seconds. Wi-Fi LED blinks amber when the device gets connected to the router using WPS.